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Service Desk Assessment

Service Desk Assessment

An independent evaluation of your service and the opportunity to prove it’s value to the business

We deliver a two-day Service Desk Assessment which provides you with a benchmark of your current service performance.

This is the preliminary assessment which is conducted as part of the Service Desk Certification programme but it can now also be delivered as a service in itself. This assessment can be used to work towards Certification, or to provide you with objective feedback on your service maturity level and as a service improvement guide.
The Assessment measures the maturity of your service desk against the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk, to give you a fair and independent evaluation of your service delivery.
Following the assessment, you will be provided with a current evaluation of your service desk’s strengths and weaknesses, plus a tailored report on key areas for development. Use the evaluation of your strengths to prove the value of your service to your customers and the wider business. Use the personalized road map for improvement to address key areas for development and transform your service!

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