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November 6, 2016
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May 23, 2017

Service Desk Quality Improvement Course

Course Overview

Delivering high quality customer service in today’s support environment is very important to organisations especially in the Service Desk.

Quality Management is essential to provide a consistent service at all times. This course teaches you exactly what needs to be done to assure the service quality customer expects.



Course Objectives

  • Understand why quality assurance processes are important
  • Learn the various calls, incident and service request monitoring methods for quality assurance
  • Recognize the importance of conducting effective customer satisfaction surveys
  • Examine the three types of popular customer satisfaction surveys used in the service desk environment
  • Examine the value and benefits of collecting and comparing service desk measurements and statistics
  • How to use global best practice standards to raise the maturity level of Service Desk


What Can You Expect?

Through dynamic lectures, case studies and small group discussions, you will be exposed to the latest methods, techniques and tools for improving your organisation’s quality management for the IT Service Desk.


Target Audience


  • IT Service Desk Team Lead
  • IT Service Desk Manager
  • IT Service Desk Analyst
  • IT Manager, IT Head
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Team Lead
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Anyone who is interested in quality assurance



Some experience in IT Service Desk is required


One (1) day


Course Contents

There are ten modules in this course:


Module 1: Quality Assurance Responsibility

Module 2: Common Quality Assurance Practices

Module 3: Call Monitoring Methods

Module 4: Incident/Request Monitoring Methods

Module 5: Benefits of Monitoring

Module 6: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Module 7: Types of Survey

Module 8: Metrics and Statistics

Module 9: Common Service Desk Measurements

Module 10:  Global Best Practice Standards

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