FREE Workshop: Creativity, Productivity & Well Being

FREE Workshop: Creativity, Productivity & Well Being

Understanding the Quantum Mechanical Mind-Body to Stimulate Creativity, Achieve Emotional Stability, Enhance Productivity and Well being 



 Current globalization trend has resulted in organizations world over to take drastic measures which may include optimizing existing process, tapping into new frontiers of creativity and innovativeness, improving output and so forth. This translates into having every employee who is committed towards the organizational goals, high motivation levels, ability to encounter and manager stressful situations, excellent decision making skills, staying energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day, better health and energy levels to name a few.

Medical science as well as cognitive psychology has advanced rapidly over the last century that should have resulted in “super human beings”, but what we are observing is quite the opposite. In contrary, we have a more depressed, stressed and less enthusiastic and vibrant workforce, levels of unseen absenteeism which may be due to lack of motivation and good health, lack of creativity and innovativeness. Society is baffling with higher numbers of people suffering from hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear, worry, paranoia etcetera which studies show to contribute towards the productivity of individuals which in turn contribute to the competiveness of an organization.

Several large conglomerates such as Apple, Yahoo, Google, Astra Zeneca, Deutsche Bank, Time Warner, Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and Hughes Aircraft have taken a totally new approach to address these shortcomings. Thomas Alva Edison did not tinker with the kerosene lamp, instead he abandoned the use of kerosene lamp to step into a whole new paradigm to discover electricity. We need an entirely new model to understand the Mind-Body connection to have a deeper reality to enhance employee and organizational performance.


Module 1: Understanding of the Quantum Mechanical Mind-Body

  • Definition of Wellbeing
  • Benefits of Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Traditional Ideas of the Human Body
  • The Mind-Body is Renewed Every Moment
  • The Body from the Viewpoint of a Physicist
  • Unified Field of Intelligence
  • Holographic Intelligence


Module 2: The Powerful Mind

  • Thought: An Impulse of Intelligence
  • We Have a Thinking Body
  • It’s Mind-Body
  • Brainwave Patterns
  • Non-local Human Mind
  • Placebo Response
  • Unmediated Response to External Stimuli
  • Psychosomatic Syndrome
  • Predictive Cognitive Commitment
  • Hypnosis of Social Conditioning
  • Becoming Conscious Choice Makers


Module 3: Emotion

  • Inner Signal of Comfort or Discomfort
  • Emotion: The Body’s Reaction to Thought
  • Emotion and the Biochemistry of the Body
  • Purpose of Emotion
  • Identification with Thought or Emotion
  • Strong Emotion and External Events
  • Conflict Between Thought and Body
  • Emotional Hijacking
  • Identifying Triggers
  • 5 Steps to Re-establish Bodily Balance
  • Accept, Adjust, Remove


Who should attend:

Anyone who is involved in HR, Learning & Development, Talent Management.


Benefits of attending this FREE Workshop:

  • Opening a new reality to the Mind-Body relationship
  • Understanding how your inner state continuously shape your external circumstances, events, situations and people in your daily life
  • Recreating your everyday reality to enhance your emotional, psychological and physical well being
  • Realise the supreme intelligence embedded in every cell of your body and become more tuned-in


Workshop Methodology:

  • Interactive workshop with videos, activities, quiz, Q&A
  • Awarding Mini Prizes

*Light refreshments will be served.


Speaker / Trainer:

Mr Vigneswaran Applasamy has been involved in lecturing, research, management, sales and training for more than 14 years in the field of Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing sector, Higher Education, Sales and Marketing. He is a Certified HRDF Trainer. In addition, he has been accredited byHarisson Assessment in Employee Development, completed Emotional Energy Management Trainer Course and attended Gamification and Behavioural Design workshop by Yu-kai Chou.

He has been undertaking extensive research to understand the Mind-Body connection to create Psycho Physiological Wellbeing. There’s been spontaneous remissions of cancer patients which have been well documented, the placebo response and the latest knowledge that the brain isn’t hardwired but is “neuroplastic”, which means you can rewire your brain to enhance your emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing which only has one outcome, a more creative, innovative, productive, emotionally balanced, healthy, energetic and enthusiastic individual. How are all these achieved was his sole motivation? This requires one to accept a totally new reality which includes a viewpoint of the Mind-Body as not separate entities.


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