REETUS is taken from the Latin word “Peritus” which means experienced, expert, skilled, skillful.

About Us

REETUS Training & Consulting provides career enhancement certifications in IT Service Management for employees in local and global organizations across all industries.  With more than 25 years of industry experience, our goal is to unleash the potential in every individual in your organization by developing their capabilities with the required skills and competence through training and coaching while enabling them to raise their performance in their current or future job roles.

Our strategic collaboration and partnership with various professional institutions and international organizations enables us to offer a world class training & consulting service to our clients. All training courses and certifications we offer are accredited by international bodies that are recognized globally.

It is our commitment and priority that our clients receive consistent service at all times ensuring the highest level of satisfaction in every interaction with us. All our training courses are conducted by HRDF certified / accredited trainers with many years of real life experiences in various subject matters covered in the course syllabus.